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Protecting Your Child’s Best Interests

Whatever issues exist between you and the other parent, the best interests of your children must remain at the forefront when you make decisions as part of the divorce or paternity process. Developing a long-term solution must to take into account your particular needs to be workable.

Pensacola lawyer James M. Burns represents parents who are involved in family law disputes. Mr. Burns believes children should have the opportunity to be children, but their relationships with each parent also need to be protected.

Comprehensive Representation In Divorce And Paternity Actions

Whether you live in a Gulf Coast community of Florida or Alabama, family law attorney James M. Burns can provide the legal counsel you need to work through custody issues that will determine your children’s future.

If at all possible he will seek to negotiate an acceptable agreement. But when not possible, the court will decide for you. In any court proceedings, he will aggressively fight to protect the best interests of your children while upholding your parental rights.

Parenting Plans And Time-Sharing

Time-sharing is how the courts in Florida refer to custody determinations. The amount of time you spend with your children will be described in a detailed parenting plan. Some of the things that go into this plan include:

  • How you will share responsibility for caring for your children
  • A time-sharing schedule that specifies when children will be with each parent
  • Technology, such as Facetime, each parent will use to communicate with the children

Responsibilities for important decision-making related to health care, school matters and religion must also be described. A future method for resolving disputes is also a good idea to consider as well.

Experienced And Understanding Legal Guidance

Disputes about child custody do not get better as time goes by. If you have been denied visits, attorney James M. Burns can quickly seek a temporary order so you can see your children. Then he will work hard to get a workable custody solution in place.

Call 850-930-3018 to get an initial appointment on your calendar today. Scheduling an initial consultation can also be completed online if more convenient.